Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Beer #21 - Bheira by Inveralmond Brewery (4.3%) - (Day 9)

North of the border again for another beer at the Wetherspoons in Bournemouth. Still in the company of my friend Andy. This time we head for Perth and the Inveralmond Brewery and sample their 4.3% Winter Ale Bheira. Bit of strange after taste to this one. Not unpleasant but we could not work it out Cimimon, dark fruit sort of thing. The Inveralmond Brewery is owned by Innis & Gunn after they raised over £3 million by crowd funding. Their plans was to expand their brewing capacity and they did that by buying the Inveralmond Brewery. Gave it 3.25/5 on Untappd.

Beer #20 - Runner by Truman's Brewery (4%) (Day 9) - New brewery #6

Whilst having a lunch time beer with my long standing friend Andy and I was telling him about my quest to do 365 beers in 2018. Being a beer aficionado like myself he appreciated my dedication to the cause. I mentioned that I thought about trying to do a set number of new breweries as well. I had thought about doing 52 beers from breweries that I've never had a beer from before, but wasn't sure if this was manageable. Andy told me he had faith in me and that I could and should try to get 52 new breweries. Now whether to stick to only British Breweries or allow non-UK ones was still up to debate. Looking back over the blog so far this year. This is the 4th new British Brewery for me (plus one from Belgium). So as its only the ninth day of the year, perhaps doing 52 new breweries is possible. We didn't know it at the time but the beer we were drinking whilst talking about new breweries was a beer from a new brewery to me. Truman's Brewery is from Hackney Wick in London. First established in 1666 it closed in 1989, only to be reborn in 2010. It managed to recover the original Truman's yeast from the National Collection of Yeast Cultures and these are used in the brews. Runner is a traditional brown coloured best-bitter. The Camra Good Beer Guide talks about marmalade fruity notes which we thought tasted a bit caramel. Not a bad beer, 3/5 from me on Untappd.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Friday, 5 January 2018

Beer #18 - Lancaster Bomber by Banks's (4.4%)

Lancaster Bomber was a former Thwaites Brew before selling it to Marston's in 2015. Banks's already brewed this beer under licence since 2014 but now Banks's is part of Marston's PLC this has become a Banks's in house beer. So you may see this beer branded as Banks's or Marstons. One thing for sure, because of its name its a favourite around the airshows and aircraft related events around the UK. I tried it in a small pub in Salisbury named the Avon Brewery. Nothing special about this beer, so a 3 out of 5 from me on untappd

Beer #17 - Golden Bolt by Box Steam Brewery (3.8%) (Day 5) - New Brewery #5

Two bits of trivia you need for this one. 1) Box Tunnel is a 1.83 mile tunnel on the Great Western Railway built under the direction of the railway engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. 2) The Box Steam Brewery boasts a Fulton Steam-fired cooper. Now you know why this brewery, now based in Holt, got its name. Onto the beer. Golden Bolt is a straw coloured bitter. Dry and slightly hoppy. Was in the Wetherspoon's in Salisbury when I sampled this one and gave it 3.25 out of 5 on untappd.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Beer #16 - Conqueror by Windsor & Eton (5%) (Day 4)

Reading town is a good for the beer lover. Three Weatherspoons in sort of walking distance from the train station, well I walked between them and there is also an great little retailer of ale and cheese in The Grumpy Goat. More of the latter in another blog. For my next beer I walked to the third Wetherspoons that day, The Back of Beyond and tried this Black IPA. I am partial to darks beers and I also like IPA's, this was a marriage of the two styles that worked. Certainly made up for the Seattle Porter I had from this brewery earlier in the day.

Beer #15 - Santa's Darkside by Naylor's Brewery (4.4%) - New Brewery #4

Described as "A menacingly strong, dark, rich ale with great roasted flavours" 3.5 out of 5 from me on untappd