Thursday, 24 December 2009

Beer awards 2009

Got this from a number of other beer bloggers, so I thought I'd add my own

Here are my winners for 2009:

Best UK Draught Beer: Ringwood Forty-niner or Woodford Wherry
Best UK Bottled Beer: Shepherd Neame Spitfire
Best Overseas Draught Beer: sorry haven't tried too many foreign beers
Best Overseas Bottled Beer: see above
Best Overall Beer: Woodford Wherry
Best UK Brewery: Woodford
Best Overseas Brewery: see above
Best Bottle Label/Pump Clip: Haven't taken too much notice of these - will do in future
Pub/Bar of the Year:
Beer Festival of the Year: Norwich - so many new local ales this year. Wonderful
Supermarket of the Year: Sainsburys
Independent Retailer of the Year: Bitter Virtue (Southampton) - great range of beers
Online Retailer of the Year: Never bought beer via the net
Best Beer Book: Good Beer Guide 2010 (CAMRA)
Best Beer Blog: Pencil and Spoon
Best Beer Twitterer: @markdredge
Best Online Interactive Brewery: will do more research on this.
Food and Beer Pairing of the Year: Beer 255 and a burger at Woodbastwick, Norfolk. The beer wasn't available anywhere else, which is a pity - it was lovely.
Best Beer-Related Thing about 2009 is...: Starting my Bournemouth Echo Beer Blog

Next Year I’d Most Like To... : Get to know my fellow beer bloggers better. Get to know beer better..

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